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Anita Long

I have been rubbing magnesium oil into my dogs skin on her neck morning and night, she was on Apoquel from the vet. It has been only a couple of days and she has stopped scratching. I have stopped the Apoquel. I'm amazed. Jan Buchanan 


Jan B 

Itchy Dog 
Lynny I have just 10 mins ago sprayed some Magnesium oil on my wee rescue dog Mylo. She has calmed down considerably to the point of hopping up on my elderly dads knee and sleeping. How relaxed is that?? Amazing stuff!!!! I will be very interested to see if her skin itching changes over the next few days.

Medications - Reducing Usage


Thankyou I'm doing great have not had any pain meds since using your strong pain balm and mag-oil my pain level has gone from a 10 at my worst to a 3 or 4 which is magic using mag oil about 3 times a day plus pain balm morning and night so I thankyou again. Donna S

My mum rubs it in her knees every morning. Since Christmas. Her pain is almost gone. Her swelling below her knees and in her ankles has gone. Was big! Shes 72 and first time Ive noticed shapely lefs since I can think. Also side effect is her bladder is working better so sleeping better and if gets up then its worthwhile getting up. Super pleased. Feel free to use this on your website Lynny.
Jo Rogers

Aimee Blok:

Lysanne van Zessen:


Leanne Gibbons These two products have magical powers. Best ever results. Restored mobility and less pain. Like severely painful....gone after application. So grateful to you. Thanks and have a good day...I am because of you. X

Dani Mason

Leeanne Dunn

Pain Relief for Fibro that really works. 

This woman has very bad fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, dermatitis on hands and eczema, and just been diagnosed with endometriosis, she doesn't use a computer, so it was a text message. I'll type it exactly as its written...spelling mistakes and text talk and all :)

I find Lynny Bishops pain cream really effective and LOVE that its made in small batches with what nature gave us.

 Buy Strong Pain Relief Balm 
Back & Shoulder Reviews
Its magic, only thing that gives me 100% pain relief for shoulder pain, I have had for 6 years. >DL

28th August: Hi Lynny, I hope you are well, I was hoping to get some more of your pain cream, my husband has had a lot of relief from it and uses it every day! It goes along way but he has done so much damage to his body he puts it al over the place!! Do you make large containers? KS When asked where he uses: His neck, shoulders and his knee, not sure if he puts it on his lower back.... But his hands every day, into neck and shoulder, it absorbs quickly, Pain was relieved in not long at all... has been fine ever since, I apparently have arthritis spurs on my neck, and generally is painful all the time.

Hey, tried the cream....yummy smell, works fast. Neck, back, left shoulder. ND

Megan Johnson-Manu

Gloria Haimona

Glenis Waterworth

An Outline of what my products used for.

MAGNESIUM OIL: Most of my folks use Magnesium Oil first as another form of pain relief, then find the side effects to be wonderful. things like getting a great night's sleep, their bladder muscles strengthen so they don't need to get up to pee during the night, and during the day they don't need to "Go" as often. Stronger nails and hair, softens and eventually removes calluses on hands and feet. They find they have less anxiety and depression and generally find life stressors much easier to handle. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, for great side effects, it's even very good to use on sunburn. I find it works best, if applied and when soaked in, spread the Strong Pain Relief Balm over top it seals in the mag oil, and then works its own magic on your pain.

STRONG PAIN RELIEF BALM: The name is self explanatory. Any type of arthritis seems to respond very well, as does most types of pain, back pain although I have a couple of folks with severe carpal tunnel say it didn't help them, then I've had several folks with the same people say it worked very well. 
If pain is your only issue, the DUO Pack with both products above is what you should buy here. 

KAWAKAWA BALM: This is very useful for some pain conditions, but seems mostly used for skin conditions, like dry or rough skin, ache, eczema or psoriasis, soothes the itching on sweat rash under breasts or tummy etc. I have had reports it also healed up ulcers. 
If you have a skin issue as well as pain The Triple Treat is your best buy. 

Pain Relief Category 

MAGNESIUM BALM: seems to be particular good for folks that has sensitive skin, that find the magnesium oil itchy, I'm also getting reports that it moisturize and soften wrinkles on hands and face. Also skin tags are falling off, some people report they have used magnesium cream and covered with a sticking plaster to remove tags, other say they just apply mag cream several times a day and that tags start to shrink to fall off.

CAYENNE BALM: I made this balm as something that would heat up on the skin, it doesn't heat up skin, however Nerve or Neuropathic Pain, and stubborn pain in general seems to be to be relieved by my cayenne balm, I frequently have used it on a patch of neuropathic pain on my rump, it flares up every now and again, and feels like a boiling water burn, I can't stand clothes touching that area. 
Before I used the Cayenne balm, it would flare up for 6 to 10 weeks, and just stay burning, but now as soon as the burn starts I use the cayenne balm, and within a couple of minutes the pain has subsided, a could of times I had to do a second application after a few hours, but mostly the pain stays gone for a week or two before returning, 
I have also used the Cayenne on burning feet, this is also something that I get generally for weeks on end yet again it seemed to stop the burning for about 24 hours, I applied it for 3 nights, and then the burning hasn't been back since, that was about 2 months ago now.

COUGH CONTROL: Any dry hacking or tickly cough, some folks have reported they asthma is responding extremely well, and they are not using their inhalers at all or far less often. 2 or 3 people have said their COPD is responding very well, as is hay fever and general laboured breathing. Phlegmy coughs, the cough will be settled, but it doesn't seem to loosen the phlegm itself, or make it easily to cough up.

In the "THIS AND THAT" category, I have added two new products, 
1. Handmade Soaps, there are about 10 different varieties, The Kawakawa and the Turmeric Soaps seem to be attracting the most attention. 
2. Dried Comfrey Leaves, These can be used to make your own potions, or re-hydrated and used as a poultice. Personally I dry comfrey leaves to use in the winter when the plants die back, to make batches of may balms.

MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE BATH SALTS are also available by the kg in this category, as is the LAVISH DETOX Bath Salts which also had Dead Sea Salt in them.