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Highly recommend this product

Recently (last week ) purchased this product , it is amazing ! Recently diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my knee , cant use usual anti inflammatory medicines , due to allergy . This root PRO spray is a god send , I am now able to get some decent pain free sleep . Highly recommend this product

Heather Maxwell 18 Jan 2019

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Root Pro Spray Acute Pain Relief

Club Feet Op Pain.

A young boy had both feet operated on for club feet, he was in so much pain before using my Root PRO Spray.
His caregiver Nan reported: It really is working very well. It saw swollen and hot and he could hardly bear me touching it. Now I can really massage it, and do his stretching exercises without any pain.
Its wonderful.
On another note, I gave some of my strong pain balm to a young woman I’m working with who has a ganglion cyst on her wrist that was hurting lifting alot and it helped instantly!
We are both Astonished.

(I received this review quite a while ago, and have it printed and on my wall, along with a photo of the wee boy)


Root Pro Spray Acute Pain Relief

Knees and Wrists

When I left work in July I could barely move. Think about september I decided to try Lynny’s products. Am waiting on both knees to be operated on.

Much better now can walk up a few steps properly carefully. Been painting fences sheds and section clearing I won t say I’m perfect but soooooo much better.

When wrist sore from painting I’ve used root pro spray and strong pain balm together. Next morning they great. For me to be able to climb a ladder is marvelous. Also using alot of esp night.wrist

I have used strong pain balm and strong cayenne together too at night when they really bad. Just to be able to move relatively pain free is a dream

Colleen Petersen

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Painful Knees Root PRO Oil

I speak from my heart Lynny you have changed my world. Thank you very much for being a healer and being clever to create these wonderful products ❤️
As you know I use daily on my knees to get thru my shift at night. I also worked out if I get stiff neck I put on as well and it works a treat. Haven’t put neck out in ages.
My chiropractor must be missing me. I found out by rubbing my neck while applying at work one night. My hands love it too.

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Degenerative Discs Root PRO Spray

I’ve been using the Root PRO Spray for the past few months for the pain of my degenerative slipped discs. It works brilliantly!! If I put it on BEFORE going out gardening, or if I’m going to be standing for long periods (like preparing food etc) I find I don’t notice any pain! It lasts for quite a few hours which is great! I use two small sprays about twice a day. A fantastic product Lynny!!
Thank you so very much. Sandra

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Root PRO Spray this is my strongest pain relief product


Instant Migraine Relief

I have passed your products onto family and friends. The Root PRO Oil being one of them. A friend who suffers from terrible migraines says its great for almost instant relief.
Glenis Waterworth

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Sprained little toe

The products had a miraculous effect on my badly sprained little toe this summer (you know when you catch your little toe on a piece of furniture – ouch!!!) – mixed the pain relief balm and the root pro in a compress overnight and 99% pain-free the next day! Unbelievable!
Lynn Wilson

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Love Root Product

I love this Root product, it is all I am using now and is keeping me pain free, I have osteoarthritis in hip and lower back, so when I have a shower put 2 drops on my leg and 1 on my shoulder and presto no pain all day. keep up the good work that you do you are the best Lynny.

Judy Stephenson

But Root PRO Spray


Root Pro Spray Acute Pain Relief

Kicked toe hard

Lynny this stuff is amazing! I badly hit my little toe last week to the point I thought I had broken it. I remember you saying you mixed this with the Pain Relief balm like a compress.

So I did this the first night – minimal pain the next day. Repeated it again the next night and I’m now back to full function of my foot again! No break obviously but badly sprained ligaments but the recovery was incredible!

Lynn Wilson

Root Pro Spray Acute Pain Relief

Pain Relief Everywhere

Would just like to inform you about my use of your products, first of all have just put in my fourth order, also have all my family using your products … Have to let you know about the other night … me in a fit of giggles getting ready for bed … had been a hot as day feet burning on goes cayenne balm ( yes cools the feet, amazing ),

then root pro spray for sciatica pain (only thing that works,( YAY ) then on goes magnesium and lastly cough control … after i had done all that I thought oh my god what a bloody laugh must be getting old, LOL …. Your Products are just amazing and I recommend them to every one … They work !!!!!
Soooooo THANK YOU so very much for sharing with us your fantastic knowledge and products
Much love to you Kaye M

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Post Carpel Tunnel Op Pain

Root PRO Spray does the trick.
Four weeks ago today my builder had a carpal tunnel surgery, after 2 weeks he went back to work, but the past week he has been getting considerable pain on the top of his wrist, through his hand from where the surgery was. he has never had this pain before.

He already had some Root PRO Spray he was using on his arthritic knee and after complaining about this new pain to me, I suggested he use it on his wrist he started using it about 4 days ago, and he is wrapped with the pain relief he is getting, but kicking himself for not using it when this distressing new pain first started So wrapped he just grabbed another bottle off me. 🙂

Root Pro Spray Acute Pain Relief

sceptic now believer

My husband can be sceptical re natural medicine but today Root PRO Spray proved itself. We were driving through the Waioeka Gorge from Gisborne heading to Tauranga and he started getting pain in his shin and thought it was going to cramp.

I mentioned I had the spray in my bag so he quickly pulled over and applied some….not even 5 mins later he said wow that stuff has worked

Angela Stuart

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Root Pro Spray Acute Pain Relief
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