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an array ailments

I used the magnesium oil for such an array ailments within my family. Healing aches and pains after surgery. Head aches. Aching legs, tendons. Sleep. Stress tension. Itchy bites. Sciatica. It is brilliant.

Nicola Rose reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star
January 16, 2018

Restless legs & Sleep

My long overdue review! I got a bottle of magnesium oil of Lynny a few months back and it’s really good! Helps me heaps with my restless legs and helps me to fall asleep a lot faster at night!

Lysanne van Zessen reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 4 star
February 8, 2016 ·

Slept so Deep and Relaxed with Mag

Have tried mag oil for sleeping twice now and I have never slept so deep and relaxed. I have sleep disruption due to a musculoskeletal condition. My sleep is not restorative and I hardly ever hit REM I just toss and turn and get worse energy levels daily. Bit I’m starting to feel different. Not only am I only waking once or twice to go toilet I’m falling back asleep within minutes rather than hours and I’m dreaming again!!!. I don’t have to shift all night because of pain. My muscles are actually resting so not as sore for as long during the day. But the most obvious change is I can get out of bed at 9am and feel ok. I don’t have to drag myself out and through the day. I feel calm and not like the usual ‘ what am i going to do all day like this ‘ feeling. I feel more positive about my day now. I know that half an hour after 8 sprays of mag oil I’ll be asleep. I don’t stress all.night about whether I’ll fall.and stay asleep. Sleep is a healer all on its own. I can’t wait to see and feel the long term results! Now I also have a new best friend in Lynny! Feeling blessed!

Stellar Kristell reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star

July 29, 2017

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magnesium oil relieves spasms from catheter

Sons CNS Pain Relief

My 9 year old has CNS, which is a form of chronic pain and it helps him with both pain relief and sleeping. We had tried everything else, he was on sleeping pills and 300mg of gabapentin 3x a day for the pain that did absolutely nothing but make him tired.

Since starting to use this last year and seeing the relief he got, we chose to no longer give him his meds since may this year. He has less and less days where he’s in pain and has at least 8-12 hours sleep a night now, where he used to be lucky to get 4 🙂 We use a combination of all Lyn’s creams, truly amazing stuff.

Bridget Verrall

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Swelling below knee

My mum rubs it in her knees every morning. Since Christmas. Her pain is almost gone. Her swelling below her knees and in her ankles has gone. Was big!

Shes 72 and first time Ive noticed shapely lefs since I can think.

Also side effect is her bladder is working better so sleeping better and if gets up then its worthwhile getting up.

Super pleased. Feel free to use this on your website Lynny.

Jo Rogers

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body pain and trouble sleeping

You went out of your way to offer me something to help ease my body pain and trouble sleeping without money being the forefront of it all. Thank you for your amazing mag oil and strong pain relief. It helps me over and over and I always look forward to using it. I’ll be back once I finally run out!
Dannei Donaldson reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star
October 6, 2017

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Magnesium Oil Reviews

Mag Oil Works

I was a bit meh about the magnesium oil, until I ran out. I had rough sleep, when I wasn’t suffering insomnia, my knees started hurting again, my hips restarted seizing up, and all my aches and pains returned.
I am so impressed with the promptness of delivery after ordering too. I ordered on friday and had it on Tuesday. I am not gong to run out again.

Julzz Kuhn reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star
July 3, 2017

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Magnesium Oil Reviews

Moods 10x better Mag Oil

Wow!! The strong magnesium oil is such an amazing product � Within minutes of applying the oil to my neck and shoulders the pain had decreased but wow how relaxed I felt!! I’ve now been using for a week and the most amazing sense of calm

I’ve felt has blown me away. I even rub onto my 10 year old daughters shoulders before bed and she has slept better and deeper and her moods have been 10x better. I’m so thankful I found this product! ! I also use it on my legs before bed or after the gym to help with inflammation and restless legs (I’m only 34!) So happy with this
Thank you Lynny �
Angela Smither reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star
June 28, 2017

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Magnesium Oil Reviewed/

My mum and I

My mum and I have been using these wonderful herbal potions for a few days now and we love them!
I have been using the strong pain relief for neck and shoulder tension and it is amazing. Feel relief from the pain instantly. I’m also using the magnesium oil and have found it to really improve my sleep, it has a very calming effect and I’ve been sleeping so much better!
My mum has been using the strong pain relief on her very sore knee and felt results very quickly. She also tried the magnesium oil and that has worked even better! Almost instantly the pain was mostly gone and she was able to move her knee more freely. She is also experiencing better sleeps after using the magnesium oil. I would strongly recommend these products  Thanks to Lynny’s Herbal Potions!

Bianca Hodge reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star
March 10, 2017 ·

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Mag Oil for Sleep

I am finding the magnesium oil amazing!…the strong relief balm is great to massage into my neck/shoulder & the oil morning & night.
I have had only 1 headache since I have started using!
Applying the magnesium oil before bed is really helping me to relax and sleep & no headaches in the morning!

andy Dakers reviewed Lynny’s Herbal Potions — 5 star March 6, 2017 ·

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Magnesium Oil Reviews

Post-Workout Muscle Pain Reduced with Magnesium OIl

Post Workout Love the magnesium oil! It’s the best! I use it every night to put on the muscle groups I’ve worked that day eg; if I trained my hamstrings then I will rub some on them. The benefits are amazing!!

I sleep much better and wake up in the morning with less muscle soreness than I would usually have. The muscles also feel more supple the day after using it which means I move better throughout the day. I refer my clients and members of our gym to you as I think the product is wonderful x

Aimee Blok:

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Degenerative Disc

Degenerative Disc: I have been using Lynny’s strong pain cream and magnesium oil for 2 weeks now. I love it!!! I have arthritis in my left hip, right knee and both thumbs. I also have a degenerative disc problem in my lower back. Using the magnesium oil at night

I get a quality pain free sleep. I use the cream in the morning and I am pain free all day. Its great as I work as a community support worker and some days the workload is quite heavy. Thanks Lynny for the best pain relief I’ve had in years.

Strong Pain Relief Balm

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